How to Search

Searching by Categories and/or Sub-Categories
There are twelve main ‘Insight’ categories listed in the column at the right of all pages, each divided into sub-categories of which there are forty-seven.Clicking on any of these will display all relevant Trends.

Boolean Search
Alternatively, the MTT database can be searched by so-called 'Boolean logic'. This is particularly useful if you are searching for something explicit, say a statement on a specific subject made by a specific person.

For example: "recession" and "Federal Reserve". To do this, go to the 'search' panel on the MTT home page and type your search term/s:

recession AND Federal Reserve

Lastly, you can add an alternative to your search by use of the OR operator Let's say you want to extend the first search (above) by including the word "depression". In which case you would type:

 recession OR depression AND Federal Reserve

This would include all Trends that use either the term "recession" and/or "depression".

We hope this guidance is helpful. Let us know if not email

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