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Automated Market Research Techniques Invade Adland

Trend Summary: Brands are increasingly turning to automated marketing research techniques.

Machines are increasingly being used to automate a growing number of processes within the marketing world. Among these processes are  ...

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... programmatic ad buying, artificial intelligence, chatbots and other emerging technologies.

These trends are changing the advertising, media and marketing landscapes, bringing with them new efficiencies and ways of working. 

The Marketing Week article cites in example the use of robots to test the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

According to the article, brands want answers to specific creative campaign questions, such as messaging and execution, before a specific activity starts, specifically to assess how the target audience is responding and, when completed, to determine what ROI it has delivered.

Automation improves the accuracy of this kind of research, speeds up the collection of data and can save brands money.

It also makes ad testing more intuitive whilst enabling human researchers to spend more time analysing the results to produce the actionable insights that brands crave.

Read the original unabridged MarketingWeek.com article.

[Estimated timeframe:Q3 2017]

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Source: MarketingWeek.com
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