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Brands Urged to Rethink Behaviours to Exploit AI

Trend Summary: As AI increasingly shapes our daily lives, brands must mull how to shift their behaviors to meet customer expectations.

AI and the app mentality has forced complicated brands to take a hard look at their products and services and shape them to be ... 

... nimble and mobile-focused.

According to Chief we are already seeing similar misconceptions about how and when brands should experiment with AI, but what else will the AI trend usher in?

Marketers are already mulling what future brand experiences will look like when we as consumers become used to (and expect) incredible simplicity, fewer interfaces to interact with and an incredible amount of personalization?

Posits Chief Marketer: "Brands will need to think beyond creating experiences they want people to adhere to and instead consider creating behaviors they want people to adopt".

Read the original unabridged Chief article.

[Estimated timeframe:Q1 2018]

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