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Consumers Warm To Virtual, Augmented Reality

Trend Summary: Consumers are apparently also attracted to wearable solutions

According to new research released this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, consumers are interested in virtual and augmented reality, dependent upon ...


... its specific use. 

Moreover consumers are interested in practical, daily-life applications and less in using VR or AR headsets to play games.

The study conducted by Harris Interactive for Accenture, comprised a survey of 21,000 consumers in nineteen nations.

The sample in each country was representative of the online population in each region.

Moreover consumers appear to be attracted to wearable solutions. The majority [55%] of consumers said they would like to replace their smartphone with a wearable solution that has all smartphone functions via voice, augmented reality and hologram interfaces.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q1 2018]

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