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Creative Agencies Will Lead Media Strategy in 2018

Trend Summary: Creative Ad agencies will lead media strategy in 2018.

According to an article in today's Advertising Age, CMOs have two primary concerns when it comes to media: value and impact. Moreover these concerns ... 


... need to come at the right cost and deliver the required results. 

Historically, there's been a line in the sand between media and creative - distinct pieces of the marketing mix that address CMO's concerns.

Media agencies had the buying power to command better prices and the infrastructure to execute. On the other hand creative agencies knew how to make the content that determined if media actually succeeded at making an impact.

On one hand, the diverse media landscape and resultant battle for consumer attention has made integrated thinking tantamount in importance.

On the other,hand the rising tide of programmatic buying technology has made the planning, buying and optimisation of media increasingly data-driven and operational in nature.

This conflict is why, in 2018, we'll see a new dividing line with media strategy and creative on one side, and media execution on the other.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q1 2018]

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