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Trend SummaryPart of the market for wearable devices is morphing into a hearables market.

According to a new forecast from Forrester Research subsidiary Juniper Research, since Apple, Google and other smartphone manufacturers began to ditch the audio jack in a move to wireless audio, the market for wireless hearing devices ... 

... has taken off.

Juniper Research predicts that within five years, there will be 285 million hearable devices s in use, a growth rate of 46% a year.

The research firm defines a "hearable" as ‘an ear-based wearable device that supplies aural content or information to the wearer that is either generated by computations and data on the device itself or by an attached app.

The majority of the hearables market (70%) is projected to be concentrated in North America and Europe.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q4 2017]

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