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Fraud Cited As Biggest Ad Industry Challenge

Trend Summary: Ad fraud in the UK is the biggest industry challenge cited by both marketers and publishers.

According to a study conducted by London based internet marketing service Infectious Media, 33% of marketers say they are troubled by ad fraud, with brand safety in second place (26%) followed by ...

... viewability (21%), transparency (17%) and geocompliance (3%).

Differing slightly in their priorities, 44% of publishers consider ad fraud their biggest problem, followed by issues with transparency (cited by 19%), brand safety (18%), viewability (15%) and geocompliance (4%).

Says Andy Cocker, COO and co-founder of Infectious Media: “Many in the industry are understandably worried about advertising spend being wasted because of poor quality media in the supply chain”.

Moreover: "It’s crucial now that media agencies and ad-tech companies play their full part in increasing awareness and driving up standards.”

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[Estimated timeframe:Q3 2017]

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