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Uncertainty Drives UK Marketers Into Short Term Spending Strategy

Trend Summary: UK marketers lean towards short-term spending strategy.

Uncertain economic conditions in the UK are driving marketers to shift budgets into activation and digital advertising according to the  latest ...

...  Bellwether Report released today by UK advertising body, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising [IPA].

The report for Q2 2017 is based on data drawn from a panel of three hundred UK marketing professionals, revealing that UK marketers have upwardly revised their internet budgets to the greatest extent since Q3 2007.

The increase in internet budgets fuelled growth in overall marketing budgets, which registered a net balance of +13.1% in Q2, compared to +11.8% in Q1.

Main media advertising also grew, although to a slightly softer degree than in the preceding quarter (net balance: +9.8%, down from +10.7%), as did PR (+2.1%) and events (+2.1%).

Other areas saw reduction, most notably sales promotions, which recorded a net balance of -10.7%, down on the previous quarter’s +1.2%. Reductions in budgets occurred in market research (-6.2%), direct marketing (-4.7%) and ‘other’ (-2.6%).

According to Paul Bainsfair, Director General of the IPA: “The election result has thrown further uncertainty into an already volatile environment".

“Specifically for marketers this has meant a desire, where possible, to seek out more activation-driven advertising. As evidenced strongly in this latest Bellwether Report, this has resulted in a further move towards advertising in the digital space.”

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