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Mobile Devices Will Be Prime Drivers of Online Video Viewing in 2017

Trend Summary: Online video viewing worldwide will rise by 20% in 2017.

According to London headquartered ad agency Zenith’s Online Video Forecasts for 2017, published today, consumers worldwide will this year spend an average of  ...

...  47.4 minutes daily viewing videos online, a significanr increase from 39.6 minutes in 2016.

The increase will be driven by a 35% increase in viewing on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to 28.8 minutes daily, while viewing on fixed devices (desktop PCs, laptops and smart TVs) will rise by just 2% to 18.6 minutes a day.

This is the third edition of Zenith’s annual Online Video Forecasts report. It contains historical data and forecasts of online video consumption and advertising, together with commentaries on the development of individual markets by local experts.

This year’s edition covers 63 key markets, up from 57 last year. By "online video" Zenith means all video content viewed over an internet connection.

This also includes broadcaster-owned platforms such as Hulu, and ‘overthe-top’ subscription services like Netflix, as well as video-sharing sites like YouTube, along with videos viewed via social media such as Facebook.

Read the original unabridged Zenith article.

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