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Vast Data Troves Yield Only Minor Growth In Buying Efficiency

Trend Summary: A majority of marketers worldwide believe there will be growth in their categories this year.

According to a report recently released by Publicis Group owned ad agency Zenith,  a survey of 158 of its worldwide clients reveals that while expanding data pools have helped to glean improved consumer insights, data has not ... 

... so far helped much on ad buying efficiency or brand growth.

In the survey — conducted by the same Global Intelligence team that undertakes the agency’s spending forecasts — clients were asked how confident they were that their business categories would experience growth this year.

Each category was then ranked on a scale of 0 to 100, where 100 means everyone surveyed in their category expects substantial growth, and 0 means that all surveyed expect substantial decline.

A rank of 50 means the average expectation is for no growth.  

The highest confidence rating appeared to be in the Media & Entertainment category, indexed at 82.1, followed by Pharma/healthcare (70.3), Alcohol (70), Luxury (67.6) and Beauty (67.2).

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[Estimated timeframe:Q2 2017]

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