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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Top List of UK Tech Jobs

Trend Summary: One in ten new jobs in the UK are now in technology.

Over ten percent of new jobs created in the UK in 2017 to date have been in the field of technology, with expertise in artificial intelligence and data science being ...

... two of the primary drivers.

Filling those positions, however, is proving tough. 

According to Raj Mukherjee, senior vice president at job search specialist Indeed: “The software economy is driving significant new employment opportunities in London, and this is showing up in the tech talent shortage, especially where developer and more senior roles are concerned”. 

According to Indeed, demand for software engineers within fields such as machine learning and data science are two of the five fastest-growing categories within tech this year, with 191% growth and 136% increase in both fields respectively since 2015.

This is reflective of a wider industry trend that has seen the world’s biggest tech companies investing billions of dollars and hiring thousands of staff to develop AI products, such as Apple for its Siri digital assistant, Google for its Android platform, Microsoft for Cortana, and Amazon for its Echo home assistant.

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