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US Regulators Set to Challenge Dominance of Online Titans

Trend Summary: US regulators are accused of 'playing softball' when challenging anti-competitve behaviour by US tech titans Google, Facebook and others.

There is growing concern over the ever increasing dominance of US tech giants Alphabet (Google's parent company), Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook - the  five largest companies in the world by ...

... market capitalisation.

The Big Five's increasing market dominance is fuelling concerns about competition and data privacy.

US regulators are reportedly about to get tough on the five monopolists, believes Jonathan Kanter, a Washington-based antitrust attorney. who believes attitudes may be changing. 

Google is expected to attract more than 40% of digital advertising dollars this year according to an unnamed analyst, while Amazon is on track to collect half of all US online sales by 2021.

However, in the Spring of this year, a group of Republicans introduced a broader proposal that would require firms such as Google and Amazon - in addition to traditional internet providers - to get user permission before sharing their data.

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