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Machine to Machine Marketing to Hit Circa 14Bn by 2021

Trend Summary: US multinational technology giant Cisco Systems predicts there will be 1.3bn more Internet users by 2021.

Assuming Cisco's forecast to be correct, the predicted trend will enable marketers to engage with nearly ...

... sixty percent of the world's population.

Even more significantly, over half of those connections will be machine-to-machine [M2M], the first time ever to  cross the 50% mark.

M2M connections such as Fitbits or Google Home devices will grow 2.4 times in the period 2016-2121, reaching a 19% compounded annual growth rate [CAGR] to 13.7bn - or 51% of total global devices and connections, accounting for 5% of total global IP traffic by 2021.

According to Thomas Barnett, director of service providing marketing and thought leadership at Cisco, search will support the connection between machines as "things will now outnumber our personal devices." 

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[Estimated timeframe:Q2 2017]

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