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People-Based Marketing Overtakes Personalisation

Trend Summary: People-based marketing is predicted to succeed where personalisation has struggled.

 Enterprise technology has, as yet, failed to account for consumers shopping behaviours in today's multi-device, multi-channel, multi-browser world. While consumers’ behaviours trend towards convenience, marketers continue to focus on ...


... silo-ed channel execution.

According to Nick Keating, director EMEA, BounceX, there are essential differences between personalisation and 'People-Based Marketing'.

Consumer behaviour outpaces technology, Keating believes. With no way of uniquely identifying consumers throughout their buying journey, retailers are being left out of the loop as they continue to market to anonymous shoppers with blanketed offers.

However, the next generation of marketing technology is changing the game.

From analysing consumer behaviours, identifying purchase intent, and identifying previously anonymous visitors, to customised digital experiences and sophisticated behavioural profiling, people-based marketing is set to transform the timing, relevance and value of customer interactions.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q2 2017]

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