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Today’s Marketing Trends 24/04/2018

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Interactive Advertising Bureau Warns Media Industry of Coming Disruption

Trend Summary: The Direct-Brand revolution is predicted to hit the global media industry hard.

The world's major media companies have this week been advised by the Interactive Advertising Bureau [IAB] to ready themselves for another wave of disruption. Moreover, warns the IAB, the global media mammoths had better be ...

[Estimated timeframe:Q1 2018]

...  well armed.

According to the IAB the direct-brand revolution is starting, and it might not be pretty for the media industy's largeest  incumbent players.

At this week's IAB introductory event, 'The Direct Brand Economy', speakers focused on fast-emerging disruptor brands such as Quip, Casper and Hubble, digitally born companies that see everything from data and dashboards to traditional advertising and podcasts to partnerships with brick-and-mortar retailers.

Direct brands, notes the IAB,  represent a new marketing segment with theoretically unlimited ad budgets — since the more products these companies sell, the more ads they want to buy, creating big opportunities for media sellers.

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Source: Mediapost.com
MTT insight URL: http://www.marketingtrendtracker.com/article.aspx?id=7366

Private Equity Investments In Marketing Firms Double in 2018

Trend Summary: Private equity backing in marcoms mergers and acquisitions has doubled in 2018.

According to London headquartered research firm Results International, Marcoms M&A mergers and acquisutions are increasingly being driven by ...  

[Estimated timeframe:Q1 2018]

... private equity firms. 

In the first quarter of 2018, around one quarter [22%] of all deals [41%] involved private equity. This is double the 11% recorded in the final half of 2017.

Julie Langley, partner at Results International, notes that: “Total private equity activity for 2017 was up on 2016, and this quarter is showing an even larger jump in deal volumes.

Ms Langley cites recent transactions such as LiquidHub and Ocean Outdoor, observing that not only are private equity finding valuable marcoms businesses to invest in, but that these investments are delivering exits and returns – a key factor in driving continued Private Equity interest in the sector.

Read the original unabridged The Drum.com article.

All data sources are attributed with links to the original insight. The insight is then summarised and, where appropriate, enhanced with additional information.

Source: The Drum.com
MTT insight URL: http://www.marketingtrendtracker.com/article.aspx?id=7365